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Working directly with wills and probate solicitors

Our unique and market-leading Unoccupied Home Insurance product is available to solicitors and companies working within the probate sector.

We know that arranging Unoccupied Property Insurance is one of the services provided when dealing with someone’s estate or affairs. So, we have developed an unrivalled product to offer real peace of mind.

We are dedicated to building strong relationships with solicitors that enable us to work together when you need us.

Getting a quote takes less than 60 seconds, and, as we have researched every postcode, we do not need to ask lots of arduous questions that you may not know the answers to. So, no matter what the history of the home, its construction or rebuild cost, we will instantly offer a quote, guaranteed, saving you time and effort.

No Inspection Clause and No Excess.
No Excess.

All of our policies come with Nil excess and no inspection clause, so that you don't need to spend time or resources during the period insured.

We Will Only Ask 4 Questions About the Property You Need to Insure.
We Will Only Ask 4 Questions About the Property You Need to Insure.
  1. Postcode
  2. Number of bedrooms
  3. Type of property
  4. Approx. year of construction

We won't ask you to research building materials, previous claims, current state of repair or even a rebuild value. Leaving your time free to focus on your client.

Full Buildings and Contents Cover as Standard.
Full Buildings and Contents Cover as Standard.

We include £1m buildings and £10,000 of contents as standard. Which our guarantee of insurance extends to all UK residential properties - no exceptions.

We also offer credit accounts, so you get covered today and pay later

Our Business Development Executives would be happy to visit or call you to discuss our product and services in more detail – email them at and see how we can work together to make arranging Unoccupied Home Insurance as simple as it should be.

A Guarantee of Insurance

Plus, the added benefit of working with us is that every policy comes with our guarantee of insurance (details on page five of the policy wording), so your professional indemnity insurance can be protected from potential claims against you.

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