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Unoccupied Home Insurance

If you are looking for quick and hassle free cover, our insurance helps save time and offers protection when the home is at its most vulnerable. Our aim is to leave you free from worry, with time to spend on matters that are more important.

We provide cover for homes’ where the owner has passed away or retired to a nursing/care home.

Dealing With Someone’s Estate?

Having the responsibility of organising someone else’s estate or affairs can be challenging. That’s why we developed a product that is quick and simple. We do not ask lots of questions you may not know the answers to, just four pieces of information and cover is instantly available.

We guarantee to offer cover for all UK postcodes, no matter what, up to seven bedrooms. Plus, to avoid under-insurance, we provide £1m Buildings cover as standard. We also think you will be pleased with how good the price will be.

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Insurance should be easy!

We have researched every postcode, so can offer you a price without asking lots of questions.

  1. Search address or postcode
  2. Pick the number of bedrooms
  3. Choose the property type
  4. Tell us the approximate year of build

A price will be offered instantly – Guaranteed!

Plus, with 12 month 0% interest free Direct Debit available, you can rest assured that a loved home will be safely covered. And, with no excess to pay, in the event that you need to make a claim, the full cost of the damage will be paid in full.

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Trust in us
Trust in Us

We believe in making things as simple as possible, that’s why there is no inspection requirement with our insurance. We do not make you visit the property before or even during the period of insurance, leaving you time to deal with the more important things in life.

Quick & Easy
Our Service for Solicitors

At Unoccupied Direct, we offer our market-unique leading insurance product to solicitors and businesses working in probate.

With exceptional cover and instant quotes in less than 60 seconds, we can save you time.

As we only ask for four simple pieces of information, inadvertent non-disclosure no longer poses a problem, so, where other policies could fail, ours will be unaffected. That’s why we provide all your clients with our guarantee of insurance, which could protect against claims under your professional indemnity insurance.

Plus, £1m Buildings cover is provided as standard, which protects against under-insurance. And, with no inspection requirements or policy excesses, you can rest assured that your client’s home is fully covered, should the worst happen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a specialised insurance designed to cover homes or properties that are left empty permanently or for long periods of time. It should also provide levels of cover that are specific for unoccupied property and not normally found in a home insurance policy.

Not every home insurer provides this cover, but Unoccupied Direct do as standard.

Most certainly yes, most home insurers do not provide this cover and those that will normally only offer cover for a short period of time and will usually impose quite stringent requirements like inspection clauses, high excesses and reduced levels of cover. Therefore it is imperative that you arrange the correct level of cover.

We are different as we do not ask arduous questions that you probably will not know the answer to, do not charge an excess in the event of a claim, and we also offer the widest cover available. In addition to this we do not impose inspection clauses.

Unoccupied house insurance works exactly the same as any other insurance covering homes or property, but only if you have obtained the correct unoccupied property insurance such as the cover we offer.

The cost depends on where you go, what cover you are provided, and what excess you have to pay. We offer full cover with no excess as standard. Our premiums are very competitive and will normally be the best quote you obtain.

This really depends on the situation. If the property is being insured due to a death then the answer is no, however as a cost against the estate it will normally be allowed as a deductible against inheritance tax.

Most insurers will have limitations on what types of houses they will cover, with issues such as non-standard construction, flood risks and subsidence risks usually taken into account when deciding on whether to offer cover. At Unoccupied Direct, we have no such limitations. We accept every UK residential house no matter what it is built of or whatever its history and that’s a guarantee.